Preventative Maintenance Now - Or Restoration Later!

Try bringing your work to an old hand in the business - we are doing unique things to keep you running! We service all kinds of local police, emergency, fire department and hospital equipment.

When time and age take their toll, we are ready to make things right again. The tougher the job you bring to someone else, the more likely they will be calling us!

Classics & Antiques: We Are The Best!

Specializing in classic & antique radiators. Repaired & recored - we can keep it looking original!

We take pride in the toughest jobs repairing vintage radiators. Bring your classic or antique radiator problem to us and you will get the absolute best advice, restoration/repair and service you can find.

Radiators Old & New

  • Specialized Classic & Antique repair/recore
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  • New Radiators Installed - Extended warranty
  • Old Radiators Rebuilt/Recored
  • Copper, Brass or All Aluminum
  • Motorcycle, All Terrain, Snowmobile
  • Replacements Available for Many Models
  • Over-the-counter sales
  • Complete repair/replacement/installation service
  • All kinds of Industrial radiators
  • Diagnosis
  • Recommend Repair/Replace
  • Pressure & Flow Testing
  • Leak Detection
  • Torching
  • Aluminum Brazing
  • Silver Soldering

Look for these signs of radiator problems.