Complete Heater Core Service

All Types of Heater Cores

Take advantage of our years of experience to refurbish, repair, restore or replace your heater core for any application. Plugged heater cores do not have to be replaced - they can be repaired or reverse power flushed.  Double core & round core, we can recore any size or thickness.

We can diagnose any problem and recommend the most efficient and satisfactory course of action for your equipment. Your choice of installed or OTC sales. All heater cores are pressure tested on the premises before installation.

  • Heater Cores - New or Re-cored
  • New Lifetime Warranty over-the-counter sales
  • Complete Classic/Antique Repairs
  • System Flushing with unique water pressure gun
  • Refurbish not replace - Save Money!
  • Double Heater Cores
  • Round Heater Cores

Look for these signs of a bad heater core.